Defiled Earthen Architectures


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released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


GRIM MARS Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Grim Mars began in the cold depths of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, on the terrestrial plane of Gaia. The project was conceived with an idea to mix death metal, black metal, and classical/orchestral music with the ideologies and concepts of Extraterrestrials, Ancient History, and Secret Societies. The band was founded in 2007 by Greg Mars under the title Grim, but evolved into what is now Grim Mars. ... more

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Track Name: Serpents Behind the Throne
From another World cast down to the Earth.
They came from the skies, feeding us all these lies.
Interdimensional transcendents from high planes of existence interfering in this dimension, and taking human form.
Intergalactic, Federal contract, and this bound was broken- Deviation from Universal Law, therefore they were cast out!

Reptilian entities- Blood drinking ceremonies
Institutions- using Luciferian signs and symbols
Bloodlines of Hierarchy- descendants from Babylon birthing the Great Work of Ages to come

Infecting 3rd density to be, with the Serpents Behind the Throne.
Ascention to 5th density- What will become of Gaia to be?

Negative and Positive polarities infusing
Incognito beings working from behind the scenes...
Andromedans, Arcturians, Draconians, Pleiadians, Sirians, and the Greys, making treaties to decide on Universal deplomacy.

Infecting 3rd density to be, with the Serpents Behind the Throne.
Ascention to 5th density- What will become of Gaia to be?
Track Name: Not of this World
An artificial construction built by the Gods of the ancient world.
As a means to harness energies. Synthetically manifested in our reality.
4th dimensional intelligence seeking out ways to fulfill an Agenda that's working on attaining its own will. Building and building and building! Constructing pyramids all along the world grid.

Not of this World... Not of this World...

Embedding knowledge to our ancestors... Annunaki/the Nephilim
Spawning civilization worldwide.... Creating a species in the image of the Fallen!!!

Not of this World..... Not of this World...
Track Name: Keepers of Sacred Knowledge
Every day is a new beginning. The choices we make is what defines the construct. Beholding a New Age of consciousness perception.
An influx of energy coming from the Central Sun.
Integrated throughout ancient sacred sites- A perception of knowledge never revealed to public light.
By living in balance, holding chakra points all in line.
Accessing the sacred tree, stepping out of the body with the minds eye.

Will humanity ever know the truth of it all? Or are they comfortable living the lie? This false illusion that's projected into our societal structure. This disconnection from the harmonization of Nature.

Many of you will never know the truth.
Many of you will never see through the lies.
Suppressed information left from past civilizations.
Altered states of consciousness to access the sacred knowledge.
Track Name: Eye of the Apocalypse
Mass human extinction- Regulating population control.
Treated as Human Resources and slaughtered for sacrifice.
The world bound in hostility- Waging wars against our own humanity.
Are we setting the stage for an Apocalyptic Revelation? Leading ourselves towards the path to Annihilation,
People ignoring the Truth- Being lied to and seduced.
A crazed, controlled, toxic mass media frenzy exemplifying deceipt to obtain social Order out of Chaos.
The Ancient Tower of Babel rebuilt- Monetary inflation poisoning the way life is lived.
Constitutionalized- an illusion of democracy.
The World filled with poverty

Environmental disaster- Religions fulfilling the Rapture.
Economies collapsing- Social uprising is happening.
Problem-Confusion-Sollution- Will there be any retribution?
The Eye set on destruction- World War 3- The whole world burns black...
Track Name: Ancient Seclorum Disorder
I crept through the depths of this neverending Cosmos- In search of new experiences to find.
Manifesting myself on Earth- Reincarnated and birthed in this 3 dimensional spectrum of the planet Gaia!
Visitation, Genetic manipulation.
200 Fallen- Interbreeding fascination.
Hybrid races- descendents of those from Heaven
Apprearing as Gods... Divine Kingship to rule!
Atlantean society lost in a single day and night of misfortune.
Overruled by greed and corruption an Empire fell with an unfulfilled legacy.
Survivors branched out all across the map, establishing traces of the Atlantean past...
An Age Old plan to cosume the world... Ancient Seclorum Disorder...

The axis of the Earth- thrown out of proportion.
Lemurian/Atlantean- abuse of the planet.
Egos and technology cannot be mixed... The rules of Karma will not ever be fixed!

Historic repetition of the past- Empires set to Rise and Fall.
Going through transitional phases- Understanding the past to understand the future.
Esoteric/Secret Societies planning hostility against the consciousness of humanity.
Entangled with no escape... Novus Ordo Seclorum...
Track Name: Deimos Phobos
Two Martian Moons revolving around Mars.
The Red Planet infatuated with fear and war.
These unknown origin satellites with Mars containing an atmosphere for life.

Cities inhabiting the spectrum of the God of War.
Pyramids and the Face- The questioning of our beliefs is in place.
Enochian Watchers- Repulsive ones.
Abusing the Adamic race- Perpetrating terror and fear.

Deimos Phobos
Track Name: Cosmic Upheaval of Tiamat/Havoc of Nibiru
Behold! A star fell from Heaven and collided with Earth.
Cataklysm- Wrough of destruction- Celestial Giant
Fragments- Travel through space- Effecting each Planet.
Armageddon! The Cosmic Upheaval Of Tiamat!

Ice asteroids fly throughout the whole solar system.
Effecting all life on the Earth.
Shaking and Quaking- All life fleeze for life in search of safety to find- Effecting the psyche of the mind!

Return of Nibiru- the Planet of the Crossing- The Akkadian star of Marduk.
Enuma Elish- Epic tablets of Sumeria- Containing awareness of other Celestial Spheres.
Track Name: Misanthropocosm
Trapped inside, there's no escaping this realm, but I've agreed to participate in this concept of life. Why did I come here?
I'm seeking out ways to become what I can.
Living with purpose, nothing holding me back, but how did we all get caught up in this mess? It's so unnatural.

We're defiling the Earth to the core. We're ripping the lungs from our Mother. She's not going to put up with our ways. She's already unleashing her wrath.
Infinite consciousness lies through discovering the Source-
The Grand Architect of this Cosmic Order in which we are all bound to.

In a World that's so cold.
In a World that's so very old.
She's been poisoned by humanity.
We are all too blind to see.